Shari Foo, residential

I’ve known Holly since 2008. Holly is a lifesaver. Been cleaning for me for years. I was one of her first clients – when I moved away it was devastated to not have her assistance. I wish I lived closer so she could still clean for me! She has my full trust!!! She understands that things need to be organized how I use them and takes the time to do that, so it lasts and not just so it’s clean for a day or two. Does such a great job … I refer to her visits as Holli-days! Worth. Every. Penny!!

GeeWiz Tech Services, commercial

Cleanly motivated

I met Holly several years ago in a shared interest group on social media. And in that time, I’ve watched her business grow and evolve. Her energy is contagious, I think. And it’s recently inspired me to do a bunch of organizing in my own space. So even though she may be hundreds of miles away, she’s had a positive effect on the productivity in my office as well as the energy in my home.

Glenn S., owner

GeeWiz Technical Services LLC

Your Clients Want You to Take Initiative

I added gardening gloves to my cleaning caddy. 

Your clients deserve something extra

There are times when laundry takes well, forever. Whether you are doing your own laundry or someone else’s. 

Watching a load of laundry dry or clothes line dry for that matter is like watching a pot of water boil. Time consuming and boring unless you are occupying your time wisely. 

I do my best to try to surprise my clients with something extra whenever I can. 

Me pulling a few weeds and pruning a few plants is just the TLC (Tender Loving Care) my client needed around their screened in pool area while their laundry dried. 

When cleaning someone’s home you need your hands. 

Protecting your hands while cleaning is a must. 

Non toxic hand sanitizer, latex free cleaning gloves, non toxic hand lotion and now gardening gloves in your cleaning caddy can help protect your skin.

I find cleaning to be great exercise and time well spent helping others all while helping myself. 

My clients are good to me, I do my best to be good to them too. 

S.G., residential

I was asked to provide a reference for Holly Oldham. Where do I even begin? Holly has been helping me keep my life on track for over a decade! I know it sounds weird to say someone who cleans and organized your home to “keep your life on track.” But having a neat and organized home, charged me up mentally and allows me to focus on my kids and work. Holly does and amazing job and I fully trust her – something that doesn’t come easy for me. I call the days when Holly cleans “Holly-days” because she gives me a holiday from house cleaning chores. She’s energetic, smart and get so much done in so little time … my former housekeeper needed twice the time to do the same work. I cannot recommend her enough. Worth her rates!!!


Air conditioning filters

Remodeling a home/office or new construction requires attention to detail by the company you are hiring for each phase of construction cleanup.

Inch by inch of each area or room that is completed requires a keen eye.

Safety precautions must always be taken and proper scheduling for all parties involved during each phase, as well as open communication.

There are several phases to cleaning a remodeled home/office and new construction.

When remodeling, the beginning phase may look like rearranging furniture, emptying cabinets and moving things from room to room to allow for room to be made and personal belongings to be protected. Not only are these tasks tedious, but can be overwhelming for homeowners and/or employees/employers.  

Generally speaking general contractors have a crew to help move furniture, but what about the cabinets and organizing the items so you can get to the items you need most during the different remodeling phases. 

Safely handling your personal belongings and working around occupants as well as pets are also things to consider.

The intermediate phase is when there seems to be no end in sight of your remodel, due to all the dust that has accumulated since the remodeling phase began. Cleaning continues. 

Everything is finally coming together with your remodel, now furniture has to be put back, cleaned, organized and staged. This is your final stage. 

Depending upon how big of a remodel you are choosing to do will determine the amount of time estimated and plus or minus several hours when paying hourly. Delays will happen for one reason or another whether it is because of a sub contractor, supplies and life somehow getting in the way. 

One thing homeowners must have on hand during a remodel are air filters. You will want to change your a/c frequently to cut down on dust inhalation during remodeling no matter how big or how small the remodel is.


The phases during a brand new construction cleanup are just as important as remodeling. The phases are the same with less work involved  for your cleanup crew due to no personal items handled or people or pets to work around.

When hiring a  cleaning company ask if they have had experience working with general contractors, home owners, business owners, real estate agents, property management companies, interior designers, HOA’s and are able to refer other subcontractors if necessary.

Working with a company who has experience is better than working with someone who has none. The only way to find out is ask.

Do You Have a Laundry Genie in Your Life?

Right now you are asking yourself what is this magical laundry genie you speak of and how can you have one in your life.

Allow me to explain.

Typically when you are hiring someone to help you clean your home that is what they do, clean. 

Think about how great it would be to free up laundry time in your life too.

Your clothes and all your families clothes can be washed, dried, folded and then put back in the place that you want them to be and have your house cleaned.

Local laundry mats typically charge by the pound and can become quite costly for wash/dry/fold service, but super convenient and highly recommend.

When considering hiring a cleaning company ask if they will wash/dry/fold and even put away, all while cleaning your home. Some may and some may not, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask the question. 

Having your laundry done while having your home cleaned is a time saver.

Hiring a cleaning company with a laundry genie that is able to multitask and does not need to be micromanaged, saves you time, money and provides you with peace of mind.  

Organizing and Cleaning Your Home During a Remodel

If you are considering remodeling your home it is important to trust the person you hire to organize and clean your home during the construction phase. 

Word of mouth referrals are always best. 

Someone you know on social media knows someone who can help you. Ask and receive. 

Not sure what to ask? 

Use this example to get pointed in the right direction on social media and find the help you need for peace of mind. 

“Do you know anyone that organizes or cleans residential homes, preferably one business that does both for a home remodeling project?”

Someone on social media will eventually respond. If your friends don’t know someone, they know someone that does. 

A cleaning and organizing plan is essential for what can be a very overwhelming process for homeowners or investors alike. 

Hire a professional in the organizing and cleaning industry with experience, great communication skills and insurance for your belongings. 

Most cleaning companies do not provide organizing. You will typically end up hiring two different businesses. The two different businesses will then coordinate schedules with each other, you and the General Contractor also know as the GC.  

If you are lucky enough to find a cleaning business that does organize? Consider yourself lucky. The process will be less stressful. 

One last bit of advice when hiring someone to organize your belongings and maintain your home during the remodel. Tell the people you hired to help you how much you appreciate their time and effort. 

You take care of them, they’ll take care of you. 


Are your baseboards and surrounding areas clean at work? 

If you own a commercial property, are in charge of hiring a cleaning crew for said property, or know someone looking for a new cleaning company, be on the look out for this one thing when considering renewing your current contract for 2022 or deciding to upgrade to a detailed clean verse a mediocre cleaning job from your current cleaning company. 

Baseboards are added to walls for decoration, yet typically remain the dirtiest areas in most homes and offices.

If your current cleaning company for example, uses a machine to clean the floors once a week, once a month, quarterly, every six months or dare I say once a year, the machines that they are using are either not being used correctly or the edges of the floor near the baseboards are not being dry mopped, much less hand washed/scrubbed afterwards from the dirty water being left. The main floor may be clean, but the baseboards areas are not. 

The machine can only get so close, which requires manual labor post machine usage. 

As a business owner you should not have to worry about your customers or even employees walking in and seeing a dirty facility, this includes baseboards and areas surrounding it. 

You are paying thousands of dollars each month and tens of thousands of dollars each year to keep your property clean, and all your baseboards are dirty. How does that make you feel?

Hiring a new company to come in and do a job that someone has not done to your liking is not only necessary, it is a must.

The cleaning company you hired is leaving the residue behind post machine usage, you are wasting your profit and unfortunately cannot be claimed as a loss, only an expense on your P&L. 

When hiring a a cleaning company for your commercial property based on the lowest bid, expect the least amount of effort from the people that will be hired to clean your facility.

Lisa Fearon, residential

We have been using PRMF to clean our home for several months, and just renewed our commitment for 2022. I am enjoying my new found free time now that I don’t need to spend my weekends cleaning. We have a large dog that sheds and it is so nice to have the floors cleaned a few times a month by someone else.   PRMF provides exceptional communication if they find any problems. They even share tips and suggestions on how we can take care of some things. We have come to appreciate having  the additional help at our home.
Lisa Fearon