Author: Holly

S.G., residential

I was asked to provide a reference for Holly Oldham. Where do I even begin? Holly has been helping me keep my life on track for over a decade! I know it sounds weird to say someone who cleans and organized your home to “keep your life on track.” But having a neat and organized […]

Do You Have a Laundry Genie in Your Life?

Right now you are asking yourself what is this magical laundry genie you speak of and how can you have one in your life. Allow me to explain. Typically when you are hiring someone to help you clean your home that is what they do, clean.  Think about how great it would be to free […]


Are your baseboards and surrounding areas clean at work?  If you own a commercial property, are in charge of hiring a cleaning crew for said property, or know someone looking for a new cleaning company, be on the look out for this one thing when considering renewing your current contract for 2022 or deciding to […]