Do You Have a Laundry Genie in Your Life?

Right now you are asking yourself what is this magical laundry genie you speak of and how can you have one in your life.

Allow me to explain.

Typically when you are hiring someone to help you clean your home that is what they do, clean. 

Think about how great it would be to free up laundry time in your life too.

Your clothes and all your families clothes can be washed, dried, folded and then put back in the place that you want them to be and have your house cleaned.

Local laundry mats typically charge by the pound and can become quite costly for wash/dry/fold service, but super convenient and highly recommend.

When considering hiring a cleaning company ask if they will wash/dry/fold and even put away, all while cleaning your home. Some may and some may not, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask the question. 

Having your laundry done while having your home cleaned is a time saver.

Hiring a cleaning company with a laundry genie that is able to multitask and does not need to be micromanaged, saves you time, money and provides you with peace of mind.