Organizing and Cleaning Your Home During a Remodel

If you are considering remodeling your home it is important to trust the person you hire to organize and clean your home during the construction phase. 

Word of mouth referrals are always best. 

Someone you know on social media knows someone who can help you. Ask and receive. 

Not sure what to ask? 

Use this example to get pointed in the right direction on social media and find the help you need for peace of mind. 

“Do you know anyone that organizes or cleans residential homes, preferably one business that does both for a home remodeling project?”

Someone on social media will eventually respond. If your friends don’t know someone, they know someone that does. 

A cleaning and organizing plan is essential for what can be a very overwhelming process for homeowners or investors alike. 

Hire a professional in the organizing and cleaning industry with experience, great communication skills and insurance for your belongings. 

Most cleaning companies do not provide organizing. You will typically end up hiring two different businesses. The two different businesses will then coordinate schedules with each other, you and the General Contractor also know as the GC.  

If you are lucky enough to find a cleaning business that does organize? Consider yourself lucky. The process will be less stressful. 

One last bit of advice when hiring someone to organize your belongings and maintain your home during the remodel. Tell the people you hired to help you how much you appreciate their time and effort. 

You take care of them, they’ll take care of you. 

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