Cup of Joe

According to in 2020, 166.63 million 60 kilogram coffee bags were consumed worldwide. 

Enjoying your cup of joe is about to get better. Trust me you are going to want to read on to learn more. 

While traveling the country a few years ago I came across a coffee flavor that is a must have. 

I was in Wisconsin and it was snowing. I remember sitting in the passenger side of a semi truck watching a family sitting on a lake frozen, fishing. This native Florida gal had never seen that before. I also enjoyed seeing the snow gently sitting on top of mailboxes as if it were placed there as a decoration. 

I couldn’t wait to have a nice warm cup of coffee. 

When I arrived at the next truck stop to get gas there is was staring me right in the face. 

Low and behold, bourbon pecan coffee.


I remember the particular truck stop I was at purchasing my cup full of yumminess. 

It was larger than the other truck stops I’d been to. I was traveling the country by way of a semi truck back in the winter of 2018.

Try a new coffee and share one as a gift with your friend or family member today. 

Your new favorite coffee can also be paired with a new white printed mug.

When your coffee and new coffee cups arrive let me know how you like the recommendation in the comment section below. 

Make today great and remember to #PauseReflectMoveForward. 

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